Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Sibling vacation!! New Orleans, you are amazing

About a year and a half ago, I invited my brother on a week long work trip that I had to make to California.   All he had to buy was the plane ticket and some meals.   So, off on his first flight we went.   We had an absolute blast.   My brother is seriously one of my best friends.   We are polar opposites in many ways and in others we are so much alike.
So, to carry on the Sibling Vacay tradition, this year was an extended weekend in New Orleans.   We had very little on a concrete plan, but had a blast!!
There were trips to voodoo shops, where I bought this for my bestest girlfriend.   It is so fitting.  
There was food.   Lots of glorious food.  And drinks.  Man were there drinks.   On that note, if anyone out there has the recipe for the purple drink from Lafitte's Blacksmith Shop, please please please pass it along.  I think its the missing piece of my daily routine.  

There was also the most amazing drag show at Lucky Pierre's.   If you are on Bourbon Street, DO THIS!  They were absolutely amazing.  We had the best time!!!

Another stop that we just had to make was the Museum of Death.   We had wanted to do this last year while in LA, but time didn't work out, so we hit the newly opened one in New Orleans.  It didn't disappoint.  It was odd, creepy, and really awesome.

We really had a blast just people watching and randomly doing whatever sounded fun.   Dirty Linen Night proved to be an absolute blast (and hello...free alcohol and snacks!).   Observing the Red Dress Run was interesting.   Those people became more a$$hole-ish as the day wore on.   But they were fun to observe.

And there was this guy.   I loved visiting with him!  This picture is now on canvas in my living room.  
So, moral of the story, if you like your siblings just a little?  Go on a sibling vacation.   No one can understand your multitude of issues quite like your sibling and if you're lucky offer a nice and yet realistic view of them.  It's also a bonus if your brother is a fairly muscular police officer who likes to ensure that you are safe when you have had a little much to drink.  :) 


Friday, August 21, 2015

Glass Ceilings and Glass Slippers....

Yesterday I found out that a large group of people from work, as in pretty much everyone in the core group of people I deal with daily, had a giant group gathering to celebrate someone's promotion two weeks ago.  My entire work group was invited.  I was not.   In addition, the invites were secretive because not everyone was invited.   Meaning me.   I'm the only woman.

I guess I could give them the benefit of the doubt and assume that the gathering was at a place lacking indoor plumbing and since I cannot pee standing that they were doing me a favor.   I could also think that they didn't want me to feel left out when everyone was covertly scratching their balls and I had nothing to scratch.  Or maybe it's the fact that I couldn't discuss my last blow job or how my wife's cooking sucks.

Whatever the reason, it hurts.  Badly.  I'm not a princess.   I don't pull the girl routine at work and I've always been more than happy to do my share of the work.

I realize that it was an after hours gathering; however, we all know that deals are made around bar stools, spoken into beer mugs, and cigars are sat down to finalize with a handshake.

It's funny to me that in a day and age where we can push acceptance of Caitlyn Jenner, gay marriage, and multiple other things, that we still are scared to death of a pair of breasts and a vagina because *gasp* it's different than a penis and testicles.

In closing, if you ever have wondered why feminism needs to exist in this PC overly-accepting world that we live in?  This is why my friends.


Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Real Housewives of OC Recap-(my mama would have slapped me into next week)

I love Real Housewives of OC.  I have watched every season.  So, last night I sat back with some popcorn (from my new air pop machine!) and watched the awesomeness.
Within the first few minutes I was beyond irritated.   If I had ever talked to my parents and behaved like Shannon's daughters, my mama would have slapped me into next week.  First of all, a letter is hardly punishment and secondly, this southern girl would have never back talked her mama like that, nor are my children allowed to do so.  

Now, I don't think TP'ing is a major offense.  Get real.  But, Shannon does.  Her rules, her house.  But I'm baffled as to why that requires punishment and why acting like a spoiled rotten disrespectful brat does not constitute a negative response.  

Moving on...I so want to go do Tamra's booty class!!!   Especially with cake after! Did you see that cake?!?!  It looked so yummy.  

Meghan should have kept her mouth shut on the Brooks thing.  Mainly because Shannon is not her friend and Vicki obviously isn't a huge fan so it was going to go nowhere but south.   And honestly?  It wasn't an oncologist's report, it was a psychic.  And let's for a minute suppose it were true, Vicki has shown before that she will pick Brooks over a friend every time, and rightfully so in my opinion if he truly is the man for her.  Which we know he isn't because they announced their split this week...but...anyhoo...nothing good to come from that.  

And finally, the birthday dinner.  What the eff was Shannon thinking?  Wasn't the time.  Wasn't the place.  You don't do that to your friends on a special day.  You just don't.  

It was honestly selfish.   Her need to get it off her chest and feel clean was more important to her than a supposed dear friend's special day.  Who does that?  

However, hilarious quote of the night was from my 11 year old son.  He came in on the tail end of the fight and says, "Meghan better watch out.  Vicki will be peeing in her bed in the next episode".  My child rocks.  

So, do you watch RHOOC?   What did you think of the episode?


Monday, August 17, 2015

Because it's my job (my approach to parenting) and a weekend recap

First of all, I'm nowhere near a perfect parent.   At all.  I make so many mistakes that I often wonder who in the world allows me to take care of these two without supervision.

But, I was talking to a co-worker and a recurring comment that I often get came up yet again.   The comment usually centers around how "grown up" my kids are (they are 7 and 11).   I have multiple people who are amazed at how mature they are and how well behaved.   

Now, I'm not bragging.   Lord knows that there are times when they run around in underwear and act as if they were thawed from a block of ice aka Encino Man.  But, yes, they are generally well behaved.   Kids usually live up to whatever expectations you have for them.   If they repeatedly hear you refer to them as rude or unable to sit still?  They will make a believer out of you.  

Anyway, the comment came from someone amazed that my kids willingly choose a sushi restaurant for a night out...not hibachi....sushi.  I have always encouraged my children to explore foods and figure out what they like.   Why?  Because I was almost 30 years old and had no idea what to order in restaurants.   My parents drug us to whatever they liked on the rare occasion that we went out.   After that, it was random dates and then my husband and the fare was pretty chain restaurant American.  

When I began traveling for work, I was embarrassed that I didn't know what to order if there wasn't chicken strips on the menu and tried to figure out what I liked.   I found that I actually enjoyed medium rare steak (as do my children) rather than my lifelong well done.   I also found that I really liked sushi which previously I would have never tried.  

Many of my friends refuse to spend $15-20 on a meal for their kids that they may or may not like. I don't mind letting them explore at all.  I feel like it's my job to prepare them for the outside world.  (and not just food...I'm not an idiot)   The more at ease and confident that I can make them when I'm not around, the better off they will be.   

We discuss topics like race and politics.  I take them to plays and musicals and we discuss the stories in depth afterward.   I feel like they need to be able to hold an adult conversation about something other than YouTube videos and ESPN.  We read.  We watch the news together and discuss.   It's my job!!  It's not my job to dump them in front of Disney and let them think that is the real world.  It's not my job to relegate them to a kid's menu with colors and tell them to speak only when someone speaks to them.  My kids know when it's appropriate and when it isn't to enter into adult conversation.  They are allowed to veg out in front of Sponge Bob.  But they are also allowed to use their minds every once in a while.  

All of that being said, Friday night was our back to school celebration night.  (aka we are still alive after 3 days of school night).   The kids first requested cupcakes.   So, we bought these beauties and saved them for later.   Lemon Blueberry cheesecake, orange (tasted like creamcicle), and chocolate chip cookie dough.  So yummy!!!

Then we walked a few doors down for sushi.  My daughter had forgotten that we were going out and had a corn dog when she got off of the school bus.   So, all she wanted was veggie sushi (if I would eat some also) and edamame (she calls them squeezer beans).   My son went for a tasty roll with crawfish and shrimp and I stuck with a smoked salmon roll  and we had an appetizer of Monkey Brains.  It is basically a fried mushroom stuffed with crab.  

We finished up at Starbucks where they sipped drinks and we discussed our week and the activities that they are wanting to participate in.  It was such a great night!

Saturday after lunch they went with their dad and I went on the journey of buying back to school groceries.  :(  I did find these awesome bento-ish boxes.  They weren't exactly what I was looking for but they will do for now and were only $5 at Bed, Bath, and Beyond.  

After an exhausting day of shopping, I got some grocery store sushi (see a theme to the weekend?) and relaxed with some DVR episodes and a new book.   I'm currently reading The Rumor and it is pretty dang good.  Review to come soon!  I also dove into the orange cupcake my daughter changed her mind about (the lemon blueberry one was mine and was breakfast...don't judge) and the summer Blue Moon.  I really liked the Blue Moon and should have tried it before the summer was almost over.   I'm going to have to run by the store and get a few more!
And finally, one of the highlights of my children's month is when our Cheryl's cookie club box for the month comes in the mail.  They love these cookies and were stoked that they were back to school themed.   I think the princess will be sharing with teachers this week.   If you want a fun and tasty subscription (cheap too), sign up.   They have different plans and are sooooo good!  

I hope you had a fantastic weekend!   What was the highlight of your weekend?


Sunday, August 16, 2015

August Ipsy Bag and Easy Chicken Fried Rice

I love getting mail.  I'm like a kid.   And when a shiny pink envelope is there just for little ole me?  Sold!

I had looked up my ipsy bag online for a sneak peek and was so excited for the products.   And that bag...*swoon*. I have a thing for bags. 

This month's bag was perfect.   I used the Doll 10 cream blush the next day and it will be entering the beauty rotation.   I like a cream blush.  I'm excited about the liner and lipstick also.  

The packaging of the Eco beauty is nice and will travel well.  And the Divine will be perfect for my post workout shower.  

Speaking of traveling, I use quite a few of these products when I travel.   If I'm on a short trip with just a carry on, they meet requirements and I get to experiment in the hotel with something new!   

The bags are also perfect for organization.  Case in point...
My bag Friday at work...three ipsy bags.  Perfect for giant bags to keep everything separated and easy to grab.  I also use them in suitcases to segregate products and make hotel stays easier.  

I'm planning on doing something I saw online soon, and that's monogram my ipsy bags!   How cute will that be? 

Lastly, I tried a new dinner last week and it was quick, easy, and the kids loved it.   Easy chicken fried rice.   I basically tweaked a few online recipes and came up with this.
I cooked the rice the night before while I cleaned up the kitchen and used a rotisserie chicken from the grocery store for easy prep.  

1 egg
1 tbsp water 
1 tbsp butter
1 tbsp oil
1/4 onion chopped
3 tbsp soy sauce 
2 cups cooked rice
White meat from one rotisserie chicken shredded 

Mix egg and water together.   Melt butter in a skillet and add egg mixture.  Allow to cook 2-3 minutes without stirring.  When completely cooked remove and cut into strips.  
Heat oil in skillet and add onion.   Cook until soft.  Add chicken, rice, and soy sauce and cook for 5 minutes, stirring occasionally.  Add egg and remove from heat.  Serve immediately.  This produced 4 servings that weren't huge, but enough.   If you are making this the center of the meal for 4, you might need to double the recipe.  It was perfect for the three of us.

Stay tuned, today I will be attempting to prep a whole week's worth of school lunches and a couple of quick dinners for this busy week.   I am betting homework will take center stage this week along with cross country practice and golf lessons, so I am attempting to make life a little easier.   

Any tips for prepping meals for the week?  Shortcuts?  Favorite meals?


Thursday, August 13, 2015

It's the little things...

One thing I have really focused on lately is making special little moments with my kids.  Slowing down and making my time with them special has been such a good thing for us.   
On that note, I have always been into special goofy just because holidays.  Like half birthdays.  Because why the heck not.  (For those interested mine is Sept 25 and I like cupcakes).  
So Tuesday night my son and I sneaked around and baked cupcakes (which he loved) for mg daughter's half.   He iced them Wednesday evening and here was the result
Boy has mad skills, yes?

She was so surprised and consequently had a smurf face until bath time.   A smiling smurf face.  

In other happenings, my son is trying to learn to play golf.  His father procured a set of junior clubs and a co-worker randomly gave me a nice set also so he's set.  Except the learning part.   A really nice dad of a kid in his class invited him over last night and they hit balls.   He's hooked.  At least maybe this will upgrade his wardrobe from basketball shorts and t-shirts   

So, what little things do you celebrate?   

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Back to school....and Pretty Little Liars-Charles reveal!

Back to school, back to school, to prove to dad that I'm not a fool......

Bonus points and a snack pack for anyone who enjoys that reference.  

Today was back to school day.   And yesterday I talked down my doctor from hospitalization for IV antibiotics and instead took two giant shots in the butt.  Therefore, I wasn't feeling the whole giant fan fare.   Thankfully my brother, my partner in crime, stopped by and helped kid wrangle so that I could put all my effort into over the top lunch prep last night.  

I know it's over-achieving, Pinterest-inspired mommy guilt that makes me do this stupid crap, but I secretly kinda love it.  I mean, I want someone to make me a lunch like this!!  

Inspired by this blog post, I broke out the tiny cookie cutters and got to work.   

Again, my photography needs work, but if I made adorable lunches while semi-dead from a kidney infection, and I took amazing pictures-it might possibly be too much.  

Anyhoo, the kids were dropped off for their new year this morning, while blasting Welcome to the Jungle (because, well, that's what we do and I'm an awesome mom), with all smiles and ready to go.  I can't believe how grown they are *sniff, sniff*.   I need a giant glass of wine and I can't have any because my kidneys will rebel.  

After slaving over that lunch, I cleaned up and we all snuggled in our PJs for some family time.  Which actually means we sat around pantless and watched Pretty Little Liars. 

I had totally called the CeeCee connection, but didn't quite have it all figured out.  And I was never a Sara fan. I was blown away by how long it took to get to that point and then *bam* it all came out like water from a fire hydrant.  And I'm kind of unsure how this 5 year thing is going to go.   But I'm excited!!

So, any first day of school traditions in your house?   Thoughts on last night's PLL?